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From 2003-2012, the PRISM (Problems and Research to Integrate Science and Mathematics) program offered annual fellowships to Emory University graduate students and middle/high school teachers to develop and implement innovative K-12 lessons using problem-based learning (PBL) and investigative case-based learning (ICBL) pedagogies. The program is no longer operational due to the cancellation of the NSF GK-12 program that funded it.

The Fellows form collaborative teams to infuse precollege students with a compelling need to know about the science and math behind real-world problems. Our Fellows facilitate small groups of students as they use a combination of teamwork and self-directed learning to investigate the problems and cases we have developed. We hope students will develop life-long problem-solving strategies based on asking appropriate questions, uncovering answers through investigation, and sharing knowledge with peers.

PRISM intends to influence the next generation of scientists by providing graduate students with opportunities to practice teaching, communication, and research dissemination skills, and by fostering scientific literacy in public school students. Through this effort we will make changes across the continuum of K-12, undergraduate, and graduate education.

"Kids have so much more fun learning when they are allowed to research and work together as a group, instead of just reading a boring, old textbook."
–  Case Facilitator and Parent of 6th grader, 2004

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PRISM is managed by the Center for Science Education at Emory University. Funding was provided by two consecutive GK-12 awards from the National Science Foundation, and by contributions from the Emory University Graduate School, College of Arts & Sciences, and Office of the Provost.

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