Undergraduates: Science Career Information for Future College Students, Undergraduates, and their Academic Advisors

Science-minded undergraduates have so many decisions to make. What major to declare? What to do after graduation? Should they pursue a postgraduate degree? Go to medical school or graduate school?

We believe that hands-on experiences help students better understand the challenges and rewards of the professions they are considering, while also helping them understand their own strengths. In this area of our web site, you will find links to CSE programs that target undergraduates as well as links to many online resources.

NEW! CSE director, Dr. Pat Marsteller has created a frequently asked questions file with information for Emory University science majors.

We encourage Emory students to take advantage of the services offered by The Career Center. Through their website and LearnLink conference, the Career Center offers advice and listings of internships, part-time jobs and announcements of career fairs.

Atlanta-area undergraduates also should be aware that through the ARCHE Consortium, they can cross-register at all partner institutions. This can be an excellent way to enroll in courses that may not be available at their own institution, and to explore research opportunities with faculty at other colleges.

Finally, to view a list of research programs available to Emory students (both paid and for-credit), click here.